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Introducing: Lady Blue

"To all the ladies in the place with style & grace..."

Greetings! I'm Lady Blue or Elle; a multi-talented author, blogger, vlogger, pseudo socialite and creative entrepreneur living in New York City. I am the sole mind behind "Known as Blue" [formerly BlueShame], where unabashed confidence and smart ass wit reign supreme. My writing is fresh, my thoughts are straightforward, and my opinions are unapologetic. This site serves all the ladies and gents who are sharp, drawn to the beautiful, and entranced by the atypical.




'Known as Blue' is a lifestyle blog and YouTube Channel; I talk about everything from the arts and music [quoting hip-hop lyrics is a favorite pastime of mine], to beauty and stylish decor, to dating woes and life pains. As a relentless go-getter, you'll see me dole out expert advice on how to get your ass in gear and achieve your goals. Since I believe all self-proclaimed experts should practice transparency, you'll also read a lot about my career path, collaborations and personal life: what I'm wearing, what I'm doing... and who with.

"I'm the L, won't you pull it? Straight to the head, with the speed of a bullet..."


Take a look around and let's get further acquainted...

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"I envision, I create, I accomplish. I know my position and I'm immaculate in it." -  The one and only, Lady Blue.

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