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Why did you start blogging?

My blog was born out of remarks that I had a refreshing, unique and sometimes strange point of view. People looked forward to conversations with me because of my genuine curiosity about the world and my frank declarations about life. I'd never had an issue with oversharing and blogging before [see: the tons diaries of my youth covered in ink, see also: xanga] - so I decided to share my wealth of ideas and litany of thoughts with the world in the form of this here blog. How generous of me. This site will certainly continue to grow and expand and shape-shift, as I'm always looking for ways to make it better and more widely relate-able.


Why did you change your blog's name from BlueShame to "Known as Blue"?

A lot of you discovered this blog when it had the somewhat melancholy and definitely made up word "BlueShame" as its title. It will always have special meaning to me, but as things moved onward and upward in my life, I felt like the quirky cynicism in "BlueShame" didn't fit me anymore. I wanted positivity, light, and something that made a bit more sense for a site that's just full of my thoughts and mandates. "Known as Blue" worked because as the blog grew in readership and popularity... I actually did become known as 'Blue'. Perfect fit is perfect!


What was the meaning behind the name 'BlueShame'?

It's a play on words. Blue Shame = Sad shame which is my general, succinct and sarcastic assessment of most of what goes on in this world. Seeing as though this blog is a collection of my musings on any and everything, Blue Shame seemed fitting. I also wanted something catchy and semi made up [like Pepsi], not typical [ie: single in the city, bright lights crazy nights], and memorable. The actual story is that I was sitting around one day trying to come up with something meaningful and catchy and then I gave up so I named it BlueShame and decided to come up with a back-story later =)


What are you?

I get asked this question so much in my everyday life, I figured I should include it in my FAQ. Although Black & White, Filipina, Brazilian, "a little bit Asian", Indian [for goodness sakes!] and the vague "mixed" are popular guesses - the correct one is La Republica Dominicana [it sounds so sexy in Spanish, doesn't it?]. Although my parents come from very mixed ethnic backgrounds, they were both born in the Dominican Republic, so to sum it up nicely I just say I'm of Dominican descent. I think the confusion comes from my lack of a discernible accent and my "exotic", ethnically ambiguous look. As much as I dislike both of those statements, I do recognize that those are the common culprits that cause people to question or inquire about my background, so there they remain.


Where can you be found on the web?

At the moment I'm blogging on Blogger, tweeting on Twitter and I have pictures on Instagram as well as videos on YouTube I do have a Facebook account as well, but I prefer to keep that private. All the links to the aforementioned sites are above!


Tell us a little bit about yourself Lady Blue.

No definition can hold me, so here are the facts: I'm a Gemini and an 80s baby. I'm a native New Yorker. I'm a Myers-Briggs ENTP [which accounts for only 2% of the American female population] and my enneagram is #3 - The Achiever. I am almost five feet four inches tall. I am a hazel-eyed, curly-haired, brunette. I can dance circles around anyone. I have 3 piercings and zero tattoos. I have a phone operator voice. I am baffled and frustrated by dating but still have absolute faith that I'll find my perfect complement. I like to organize anything. I will call you out on your bullshit... and often. I seek out and adore all forms of art and creativity - the written word, fashion, interior design, fragrance, food, music, film, sculpture, architecture, paintings, etc. I have good manners and nice handwriting. I'm pretty good at extemporaneous speaking. I tweet. I tumble. I swag. I surf [not]. And last but not least, I have a mean walk and I'm fly as fuck. Fact.


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