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I'm always looking to collaborate with other artistic talents, particularly: photographers, cinematographers, stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, writers, and music producers. I work one of two ways: money changes hands or we trade services - my expertise for yours. Email your portfolios, your preferred style of compensation and any other relevant info for consideration. I'll do my best to respond to all inquiries.

If you'd prefer to trudge through this boring form letter versus perusing my blog, please read on: I am a self published author (find SIXTEEN on Amazon!), penning my second work and living and chronicling my life in the fascinating city of New York. I am ingenious, focused, forward-thinking, detail-oriented and hard-working to name a few. [I am also fluent in Spanish and can speak un petit peu of French.]

I've contributed to Into The Gloss, Thought Catalog, created a social network, collaborated with MTV3 and even had a tweet appear in O Magazine!

I'm available for guest blogs, opinion pieces and other features. Paid opportunities only.

Have a nagging problem? Feel stuck? Need simple solutions to improve your everyday life? The loveliest know it all is sharing all she knows over Elle B Consulting. Click the image to learn more.





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I don't care what you think, yet I love you.


A self described "compassionate snob", I fancy myself a unique commentator on topics ranging from New York City, human behavior, news, pop culture, nightlife, dating, and myself. 

I hope that my site can empower others to be honest and stay true to themselves; or at the very least, make them think and make them laugh. I welcome any and all thoughtful comments [and love letters...!] If on the other hand, you'd like to send hatemail, feel free to e-mail me.

After 10 years of creating content for Known as Blue, I have never put ads on my site. I have three exciting projects in the pipeline: a poetry book, a screenplay and a novel. Check out my recently launched youtube channel here!

If you would like to help out and contribute, click on the dollar sign above which will take you to my patreon, or you can contribute via the squarecash app by using my cashtag:$KnownasBlue, or my email address: Any and all donations are appreciated, and put to good use!